Mih, mišnice or mješnice

Mih, mišnice or mješnice consists of a bag made of tanned animal skin (most commonly kid or goatskin), into which air is blown through dulac or kanela (blowpipe), and prebiralica (chanter) used for playing.


Taking into account the mješnice found in the Museum, depending on the manner of their making and playing, Širola divided them into two large groups:

1) the chakavian type (widespread in Istria, the Croatian Littoral and the Kvarner Islands) distinguished by "…a very small chanter, a very simple blowpipe (dulac) inside which there is a tiny lid (zaklopac) " (Širola, 1937: 156). Regularly there are six holes on one side and two or three on the other. Even dog skin was reported to have been used for its making: “It is best to use dog skin for the bag, although kidskin is also suitable. The dog needs to be skinned first. Its skin is then treated with lime to remove the hair. Clean skin is turned inside out” (Žic, 1910: 202).
2) the Dalmatian-Bosnian-Herzegovinian type has a chanter "…of normal length, fitted into a stock (kutao) which is attached to the neck of the bag” (ibid.). This group is further categorised according to Širola into:
2a) Žegar type
2b) Zelovo type
2c) Livno and Kočerin type (Et 27933).

Apart from mih, gajde (bagpipe) and dude also belong to instruments with a bag.