The fiddle
Tomislav grad, the second decade of the 20th century

wood, leather
cutting, gouging, carving, drilling, tanning


length of the instrument = 81 cm
length of the neck = 48,5 cm
body width = 32 cm
length from the peg to the bottom of the instrument = 60,8 cm
string length = 57 cm
length of the bow = 46 cm


Et 10535ab
The Collection of Musical Instruments


A single-stringed fiddle and a bow crafted from one block of wood. It is richly ornamented with carvings and burns. Three heads are carved on top of the neck: two human heads and an animal head. One hole for one peg (“čivija”) is drilled on the neck. Animal skin is drawn taught over the body and several holes are drilled on it. The skin is nailed to the body.