The fiddle 
Sinj, the beginning of the 20th century

wood, metal, horsehair
trimming, sawing, carving, engraving, wood carving


length of the instrument = 75 cm
body = 15 x 26 cm
length from the peg to the bottom of the instrument = 61,5 cm
string length = 58,5 cm
length of the bow = 75 cm


Et 8443ab
The Collection of Musical Instruments


A single-stringed fiddle and a bow. The body is elongated and shallow, the neck is long. There is a hole in which there is a wooden peg with a semi-circular eyelet. Animal skin is drawn taught over the body and reinforced with a small leather strap and metal nails. 6 holes are drilled in the middle to make out a cross. Black horsehair string is tied to the rope on the one side and to the peg on the other side. The bridge is missing.


The fiddle is crafted from bright wood and richly ornamented with carved geometrical, zoomorphic and anthropomorphic motifs. Four holes are drilled on the back side of the body and they make out a diamond; sets of triangles, Xs and dashes are carved on the round part. A snake is carved on the neck, and sets of triangles and squares on the side. A man sitting on a chair with his right hand in the pocket is carved on top of the neck.