The violin
Donja Kupčina, The fifth decade of the 20th century

wood, metal, plastic, canvas


length = 58,8 cm
length of the bow b1 = 73,5 cm
length of the bow b2 = 74,2 cm
length of the bow b3 = 74 cm
length of the box = 82 cm


Et 49731(a-c)
The Collection of Musical Instruments


The violin was made by a craftsmen - a musical instrument manufacturer, and it was bought in a box equipped with three bows.


A female musician played this violin. She sold the violin after moving to Donja Kupčina after the Second World War and stopped playing it. She sold it to a self-taught musician who went on playing the violin in various events in the village, ceremonies, and weddings during the 1950s.