The fiddle
Bosna, the 2nd half of the 19th century

wood, leather
cutting, carving, drilling, tanning


length of the instrument = 71,5 cm
body width =20,3 cm
length of the neck =45 cm
lenght from the first peg to the bottom of the instrument = 52,5 cm


Et ZGZ 255
The Collection of Musical Instruments


A single-stringed fiddle is crafted from one block of wood. The skin which covers the body is drawn taught using wooden nails (“klinci”). A goat head with bent horns is carved on top of the neck. A cross is carved on the bottom. The round part is divided into three surfaces.


The symbolic value of the fiddle was of great significance. Kuhač says that “... people safekeep the precious antique fiddles with great respect, and will not sell them at any price…” (Kuhač, 1877:6).