The bagpipe
Slavonija, 1971
wood, sheep hide
turning, carving, dressing, hatching


length of the drone pipe = 93 cm
length of the chanter = 42 cm


Et 23959
The Collection of Musical Instruments


The bagpipes consist of the bag, the drone-pipe, the chanter, and the bellows. The bag is made of sheep hide. The hide is shaved and arranged. The chanter is inserted into the top opening (the neck), the drone pipe is inserted into the front left leg opening, and the bellows are inserted into the front right leg hole. The back part of the bellows is tightened and tied on the inner side. The bellows are ornamented with a small flower with 8 petals, and a small heart-shaped apple with a stem and a leaf.


The drone-pipe is the part of the instrument used for accompanying the basic melody. It consists of four pieces of hollow, turned, dark and light wood. The chanter is also turned and the horn is attached onto it. Two small holes are drilled on the side on the bottom and they go all the way through to the other side. In Slavonija, the bagpipes were most commonly played at weddings, but they were also played at other events. For example, the bagpipes were played during the Feast of Ascension after the young people’s procession around the village. The instrument was also played to accompany the queens - ljelje on the holiday during the Feast of Pentecost, and their procession around the village. The bagpipes players had to be extremely versatile musicians.