Part of the bagpipe – the horn
Aljmaš, 1751
wood, pewter
turning, casting


length = 25 cm
diameter of the hole = 5 cm


The Collection of Musical instruments by Franjo Ksaver Kuhač


The horn is inserted into the bottom half of the chanter (karaba). The horn is usually of animal origin. The hole bored on the horn is called glasnica (blow hole), and the function of the horn itself is to augment the sound bagpipes make. In addition to that, the bagpipers use the horn to adjust their instruments when playing together and this is called “roženje”.


“If two or more bagpipers intend to play together, they use the small horn to produce a sound, on the basis of which they adjust the instrument. This initial sound they call “rožić,” “rožak, and "ugadjača", they call adjustment "roženje", the act itself is "rožiti" ili "ugadjati". (Kuhač 1879: 47)