The dude

Antun Samarđija, Štefan Užbinec
Rovišće, Bjelovar, the 1st half of the 20th century
wood (elder), dog hide, pewter
turning, pouring, dressing, tanning


length of the drone pipe = 70 cm
length of the additional bag = 27,5 cm
length of the bag = 52 cm


Et 13854
The Collection of Musical Instruments


The bellows are made of dog hide. The chanters have eight holes, there are three reeds in them and one in the blowpipe. The chanter is made of elder tree, the other wooden parts are made of hard wood and pewter cast.


The bagpipes (dude) were usually played at weddings and other festivities. They were made by the bagpipes player, Antun Samarđija. The wooden parts were turned and pewter cast by Štefan Užbinec. The bagpipes player’s family is from Metlika (Slovenia) - from there they moved to the village Krasnice in Kordun. They moved again in 1642, this time to the village Rovišće where they eventually settled down.