The bagpipe
Manojlo Vujanić
Kistanje, 1928
wood (common maple), goat hide
cutting, ignition, drilling, gouging, carving, tanning


length of the chanter = 17 cm
length of the stock = 8 cm
length of the blowpipe = 11,2 cm


Et 7176
The Collection of Musical Instruments


The bagpipes are made of goat-hide bellows, and wooden parts which are crafted from common maple. The main parts of the bagpipes are: bellows, a double-bore chanter and a stock, three wooden “turns”, two “teeth” and a wooden blowpipe “dulac”. Finger-holes are drilled on the chanter (6:2).


The bagpipes were purchased at a fair in Zagreb. The instrument was made by Manojlo Vujanić from Kistanje. The bagpipe players from Kistanje held the bellows under their left armpits. Their hands were positioned in such a way that three middle fingers of the right hand covered the upper holes, and the left hand fingers covered the bottom holes. If two or more players played the bagpipes at the same time they set the tone on the chanters of both instruments to unison and they set the interval to five degrees before starting to play. (acc. to Širola, 1937)