Part of the bagpipe - the chanter (karabe)
Aljmaš, 1751
wood (maple), pewter
cutting, drilling, carving, casting, ignition


length = 26,5 cm
length of a chanter = 17,1 cm
lenght of a upper part of the chanter = 9,5 cm
diameter = 5,5 cm


The Collection of Musical instruments by Franjo Ksaver Kuhač


Part of the bagpipe - the chanter (karabe), is made of maple wood and consists of three parts: the upper part of the chanter into which a bellow is inserted, middle part with bored holes for playing and on which the melody is set, and a horn (under POH-427/1920).


“These trumpets and berde can be found in my collection, and they originate from Almaš (Slavonia); they were made in 1751, by Andrija Bešlić, known far and wide as a skilled bagpipe player. A lot of effort was needed to convince the family to sell me the bagpipes made with great skill, which they have been keeping as a dear memorabilia, for a good price.” (Kuhač 1879: 45)

The inscription on the chanter says:
Andrija Bešlić from Aljmaš
gajde are from 1751

This is the oldest instrument kept at the Ethnographic Museum.