The bagpipe
Sv. Nikola, the second half of the 19th century
wood, lamb hide
cutting, turning, carving, ignition, tanning


length of the chanter = 19 cm
length of the horn = 6 cm
length of the cone = 5,2 cm
length of the bass = 63,5 cm
length of the bag (mijeh) = 51 cm


Et 4081
The Collection of Musical Instruments


The bellows are made of sheep hide. The chanter, the bass and the blowpipe are attached to the bag (the chanter, the horn and the cone are all made of different kinds of wood). The bagpipes are turned and they consist of three parts, brass ferrules, and horns. There are six finger-holes on the chanter.


The bagpipe players in Macedonia held the bellows under their left armpits. Širola wrote that, in Macedonia, bagpipes were considered to be “the poor people’s instrument”, because usually villagers and adult shepherds played this instrument at the poor people’s festivities. (Širola, 1937)