The dude

Tomo Režek, Jakov Kučić

Veliki Raven, Križevci, 19th century
wood, lead, leather
cutting, grinding, marquetry


length of "berde" = 72 cm
length of the chanter = 32,4 cm
length of the bellows = 49,4 cm
length of the blowpipe = 17,8 cm


The Collection of Musical instruments by Franjo Ksaver Kuhač


The dude are an aerophone consisting of bellows, chanter and berde.

The bellows are made of lamb or sheepskin, sometimes dog skin as well. The outside of the skin is turned inwards so that the air inbreathed could hit the smooth walls. The air is blown in through a blowpipe. Berde are made of dark wood and decorated with lead. The chanter is made of light wood and decorated with circles and dots which are drawn to make a flower. The mouthpieces are made of reed so they are well sealed. The horn is missing.


The sound the dude give out is stronger and richer than the sound made by the gajde. Kuhač got these dude from Tomo Režek from Veliki Raven.

The inscription on the blowpipe says:
The gajde from Veliki Raven (in Križevac county)
bellows made by Tomo Režek, and chanter and berde by Jakov Kučić
(price 10 for)